Research Interests

* Stratified turbulence

Fig 1. Mesoscale eddies in the Black Sea.

* Eddies in the ocean

Fig 2. (Left) Sea surface temperature, (right) relative vorticity in the Southern Ocean.

Fig 3. Sea surface height from eddy-permitting global ocean simulation.

* Spurious numerical mixing

* Hydraulically controlled flows in narrow straits

Fig 4. of the density field in a channel representing the Bosphorus Strait.

* Ocean model improvement

* Horizontal Convection

* Performance of 2nd order turbulence closures in OGCMs

* Effect of topography in overflows

Fig 5. Evolution of the passive tracer isosurface field in an overflow passing over a ridge. The dense isosurface (red) mixes and disappears when it passes over the ridge.

Fig 6. Shear driven mixing aka cat's eye simulation