Welcome to my personal page

I am a physical oceanographer. I am interested in small scale mixing in the ocean and its representation in large scale climate models. My main focus areas include gravity currents, exchange flows and deep convection. I use climate models for developing parameterization, hypothesis testing, and high resolution numerical simulations for idealized process studies. I got my PhD at Rosenstiel School of Marine & Atmospheric Science (RSMAS) in the Meteorology & Physical Oceanography Department (MPO).

Below you can see a high resolution simulation of the Southern Ocean eddies. If you move the blue cursor in the middle of the Antarctica to left or right, you can shift between sea surface temperaute and corresponding relative vorticity field.

I also use high resolution unstructured grid three dimensional ocean circulation model to simulate the Marmara Sea circulation. Figure below displays the surface circulation with Lagrangian floats released at the exit of the Bosphorus Strait.

Idealized studies are very infomative to understand fundamental dynamics of the oceanic flows. There is a 2-layer Phillips model animation below showing mesoscale and sub-mesoscale eddy generation process. Plesae see my research page for more animations.